Bright Offerings
Bright Offerings
A 501 C(3) Non-Profit - A Benzer Capital and TrainBright initiative.

Economic empowerment through apprenticeship  

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Supporting apprenticeship and education.

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Bright Offerings works to create advocacy for apprenticeship. Specifically the notion is to

  • Address the stigma associated with and bias against skilled labor

  • Promote apprenticeship through collaborative work with employers, colleges, professional bodies, beneficiaries, government and non-profits

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Bright Offerings works with beneficiaries and their families to locate apprenticeship that can alter the course of their lives. Bright Offerings supports the families with information and access to opportunities and funding.

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Today’s Apprentice.
Tomorrow’s Leaders.

The tradition of apprenticeship is age-old and tested. The benefits of apprenticeship to individuals, families, companies and society has been very well demonstrated

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Bright Offerings

Dedicated to the cause.

Bright Offerings operates on the strong conviction that apprenticeship as a cultural shift is the way forward for American Society and answer to many of our workforce challenges of the future.

We believe that through advocacy and action, we can create and foster a culture that not only accepts apprenticeship but also embraces as part of the norm of doing business and bringing the new generation into the workforce.

Working together with our partners - Colleges, Corporations, Governmental Agencies and Non-Profits we can continue to address and enhance the cause of apprenticeship.

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